Composite Two – Summer 2016

Web Composite 2 is our big group project in the WDDM program. Every semester, groups of 3-4 students spend two weeks in class designing and building web-applications. The web applications are to meet a set of requirements, but otherwise are fairly open-ended. Students are able to apply their ideas to a real-world scenario, having to consider their target demographic as well as actual time constraints.

The composite 2 groups finishing up their tough work.
The composite 2 groups finishing up their tough work as their respective web applications look more and more polished.

This big assignment combines all the knowledge that was covered in the previous courses. Completing a web application in such as short timeframe can be a daunting task, but at the same time is an important learning experience.

Ali finishing up some coding
Ali finishes up some PHP code towards the end of the assignment. As the two week in-class project comes to an end successfully.
"Adaptation" web app and group members.
Stephanie, Kathleen and Mustafa proudly display their creation the “Adaptation” web app.
The Ath-Elites web application group.
The Ath-Elites web application displayed by enthusiastic group members: Sabrina, Ali, Zach and Wayne.

This year’s web applications were titled “Ath-Elites” and “Adaptation”.

Adaptation is an application developed by group members: Stephanie, Kathleen and Mustafa. It is a web application that allows users to register and take part in discussions regarding movies that are based on books. With this particular niche in mind, the group effectively completed this system essentially from scratch, tapping into online data sources as well as accepting content from users.

Ath-Elites is a web application that caters to post-secondary-level athletes, who need to train. It is an application developed by Sabrina, Ali, Zach and Wayne that suggests exercises, complete with videos based on a user’s training needs.

In the applications, MySQL databases were used to store data, and most of the functionality was written using the PHP language. In addition, the web apps are designed to be responsive, meaning they work equally well on mobile devices as they do on desktop computers.

Another important part of the finished assignment is the documentation package that group members are tasked with putting together. The planning stage is a crucial one and students were able to capture the reasoning that led to the development of their application.

Over all, this semester’s assignments were produced to a high standard of quality and the group dynamics worked out well.  Each group had a good sense of what they needed to accomplish, and managed to stay on course through the two weeks.

The end result of this project is the group presentation, which this semester’s groups delivered effectively.  It is often an overlooked part of the project, but being able to describe your ideas verbally and in a concise manner is extremely important in this industry. Employers and clients alike rely on web designers and developers to explain the technology and results of their work, and this assignment helps prepare students to do exactly that.

Composite 2 Project documentation
Each team is required to create a detailed documentation package that describes their design process as well as technical details for their application.