Calendars – Fall 2016

The web design and development students build an HTML-based calendar website, after about 4 weeks of lessons in the program .

As an ongoing tradition, this calendar involves writing relatively simple HTML code, however it is a great opportunity for the students to test out some CSS techniques, including some of the most cutting-edge CSS 3/4 code that is currently supported. It also allows them the freedom to take the design in whatever direction they choose.

The following are calendars from this semester, and it is always interesting to see the variety of styles and ideas that result from this sort of assignment.

Becky Calendar
Becky’s retro computer terminal themed calendar featured some impressive animations, and even sound. It faithfully re-creates the experience of using a monochromatic character display.
Denise Chan's calendar
Denise chose to showcase her own photography as a major component of her full year calendar. It looks like it would make an excellent printed calendar as well.
Carmelina's calendar
Carmelina created a calendar that had all the months of the year appear as an animated nav bar. Her photo from Nepal would flip around, revealing individual month links.
Eunji's Calendar
Eunji created a colourful season-themed calendar that featured animations and careful use of typography. It will eventually include the ability to record plans for the month.
Sacha's Calendar
Sasha’s love for Chelsea FC shows in his purpose-driven calendar that includes the entire schedule of the season for Chelsea.

Overall, this year’s group of students are already impressing me with their abilities and enthusiasm. I am really excited to see how their skills progress over the course of the semester.